Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Finally... a bedroom redo

It's finished!!

Our house has been home to a green monster. I'm guessing the previous owners' let their 11 year old son do the picking....?

Interestingly, the picture above is of the room on a really, really GOOD day.
On a bad day, you may have experienced it looking something more like this...

Mmm hmmmm. Does anyone smell a 19 year old male behind this???

This is an actual un-retouched photo of this bedroom the same day that my little brother moved to Japan. I'm pretty sure he literally set off a bomb and then fled to safety on another continent.

But did I mention he moved to Japan? Yep. So this DIY project was mine all mine.

See those little white patches all over the wall? They are my attempt at plastering over holes left from a BB GUN that SOMEHOW got blasted into every wall in the room. I think I missed one, but at least I got the other fifty...

It's not nessesarily finished, but here are the Afters.

The painting on the wall is one I did when I was 15 - it's the Waikato river with a hot air balloon in the sky, since we used to live there.
The chest of drawers was once a piece of junk painted black, but my Opa stripped the paint and I still remember helping sanding and varnish it in the garage to bring it up to how it is

And because everyone loves a snappy little comparison:



He's moving back home to New Zealand in a few months so I tried to keep this room how he would like it.
It feels SO much lighter in there now I may have to hijack it.
I think I need my own wedding-planning room, right?

- Amyshka

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  1. Hah, that's very cool. That's two rooms down... can do the blue room if you want :p (I'll be staying there I guess)


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