Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Student bedroom reveal

Recently I got the opportunity to go a little nuts in my parent's home. (Read: They went to Japan and I took decor matters into my own hands... redo-ing this disgusting bedroom and sticking up a few childhood paintings).

If you don't know, I am getting married in February, AND Big C has just bought an apartment that will be our home. (This means tonnnnes of redecorating opportunities woop!!)... it also means I won't have 'my room' in this house anymore. Which should be great because I always HATED the LILAC coloured walls:

You see what I'm talking about? Every single thing in that room glowed purple. I felt like I was living under a UV lamp.... even on warm days, it felt chilly in that COLD coloured room.

Plus the place was a dump. It didn't used to be, but somewhere inbetween becoming an architecture student and getting bombarded with engagement gifts (I'm not complaining), things got a little... confused.

Ouch! That last shot was nasty.  Gnnnnnnnnn.

Even tho I'm not going to be living here for long, I couldn't wait to get my mitts on a paintbrush. And there was a tonne of paint left over from my brother's bedroom, so.....

What do you think?
I have never gone near PINK before but it seems like all my highlights have come out pink. Or some other bright popping colour... I get a buzz out of piling colours together on a neutral base. The entire atmosphere in the room has changed drastically.... even tho it's much 'younger' than a 25 yr old should probably be existing in, I figured it's my last chance to go a little crazy in a student bedroom. (That's totally just an excuse. I'm so going crazy on our new bedroom too.) And this was on a ZERO budget so I'm quite happy.

When I move out I will tone this right down into a nice guest room. Until then I get to enjoy my pinkness.

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  1. The after looks wonderful, the before, well just a little sad. Love the bed covers, so bright and cheerful. Great colors!

  2. I love it! You have done an amazing job and the transformation is quite incredible. It's amazing what you can do with a little bit of hard work, some creativity and a vision!

    Best wishes,


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