Friday, October 21, 2011

Shabby chic Bunting

We've had study-break the last 2 weeks and I feel like I've been super productive with re-doing this room, this room, and designing my wedding invitations... (can't wait to share those!! ooo). And even a little bit of study.

While I was at it I found these scraps of my favourite fabrics and decided to chop them up into triangles for a shabby-chic bunting. I kinda have an idea of where to use these at our wedding in Feb, but really it was a spur-of-the-moment thing.

I chopped the fabric really roughly because I'm not a fan of the cookie-cutter bunting. Something about all the triangles looks all ...sharpy and... pokey. Plus they remind me of car-yards. (I don't know about you but coloured triangle flags = used cars around here). So I was really going for the soft tattered, shabby chic vintage look.

I also sewed a 'seam' really roughly across the top of each one, wide enough to let a piece of string or ribbon through.  I would like to say the roughness was because I wanted the shabby look, but really it's because I was too lazy to sew it neatly or to change the bobbin, plus sewing machines baffle me with their tension settings. What's with that? One minute it's all smooth and the next it's all bubbly.... which happened to look very shabby chic *cough*

Then strung in onto a simple piece of string. I had a crack at tying a bow to the end. With a different type of ribbon and some more time, it could work.

The colours in the bunting are loosely the colours I'm going for in the wedding. And the wedding 'colour theme' is extremely loose anyway... I don't want to limit the number of patterns and colours I can use.

See that yellow fabric on the right? It's from the bridesmaid's dress my mum wore to her friend's wedding back before I was born.
Wanna know something? That same friend's daughter is going to be one of MY bridesmaids at my wedding.
Wanna know something else? That same friend is my aunty and my middle name is after her... because Mum married that friend's brother.

Which means her daughter, my bridesmaid, is my cousin....
Confused? Hm never mind.

For now it's just hangin on my bedroom wall, awaiting better, more purposeful days. ;)

Who's with me on the shabby chic look?
I'm hoping to style a shabby-chic room verrrry soon and will show you how it comes together.

- Amyshka

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  1. Hi, I'm a fabric nut and your bunting caught my eye. Beautiful fabrics! Saw your link at Serenity Now.

  2. This is soo pretty! It's going to look great at your wedding! I just got married too, planning is so fun :)


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