Monday, August 29, 2011

DIY wedding notebook

Since we are getting married (as of this last weekend. Story here), and since I have recently been kinda obsessed with this make-a-birthday-notebook craft idea, I've been thinking about using this idea to make a wedding-notebook instead.

It's so cute. This inside pages can hold all kinds of goodies:

Photos, notes... the tickets from the show we went to on Saturday after he proposed.

It reminds me of the little books my friends used to make each other back in school, with bits cut out from magazines, glitter and stickers, messages and lyrics from our favourite songs (cue Backstreet Boys).

Even back that they meant much more than a normal gift and it was so fun to look through each page.

I might try to make something similar in this style on notebook above on Pinterest.


- Amyshka

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