Monday, August 15, 2011

South American colour inspiration

All images via Amy on Pinterest

There is nothing like the hot, vibrant colours of South America to make you feel cosy and warm on a freezy, snowy day like this in Wellington NZ!

For the record, we don't get snow. Ever. But now there is a layer of it over the ground and schools have been cancelled, with drivers not knowing how to drive on snow, and power cuts plunging each suburb into darkness at some point. It's amazing to see the reaction from people - sheer delight and amazement. There'd be a lot of kids here who have never have seen snow before (and maybe a few adults too) so I'm hearing a lot of hollering coming from outside as people of all ages attempt to scrape together a snowman or slide down a hill.

The downside is that our houses aren't made to handle these temperatures (something to fix when I graduate) but I'm so grateful for sweet sweet electric heaters.

- Amyshka

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