Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fave Friday - sweetly bohemian

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Deep down there will probably always be a place in my heart for Bohemian, or whatever this eclectic, Germanic/Slavic-craft-looking style is called.
The products above remind me of walking through a marketplace in Latvia, buying shoes, pastries, and Babushka dolls. (And being absolutely, ridiculously freezing and under-prepared for slavic winter, in our "winter jackets" from New Zealand. I actually wrapped my entire scarf around my head and pulled up my hood to stop my cheekbones hurting - bubble-head anyone?)(Note: it didn't work.)

To me there is nothing more energising than colour+white, or colour+wood.

If I had a little snow cabin to decorate - I can guarantee it would be in this quaint, eclectic Germanic style, with mismatched crockery, books, an old wood table and big stripey rag rug. (And if Big C is involved, then probably some antlers on the wall and venison in the freezer).

- Bokja Chair via
- Paper Blom Flowers
- Genesis Tree
- Bowls

    - Amyshka

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