Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Week that Was - #2 - Bachelorette complete

This week has been crazy busy and with Uni work and preparing for the Hen's party myself and another girl threw this weekend. My freakish-foodie-perfectionism nearly caused a stress meltdown on Friday night, but by Saturday morning I had pretty goodies for everyone to eat and was ready to enjoy an amazing day and night. It went off without a hitch - all 12 hours of it!

In other news, it started snowing in Wellington today... something I have never experienced in my lifetime! Snow in Wellington... this just doesn't happen here, even in the middle of winter. I had to drive home through snow (45kmph on the motorway!) with little visibility and couldn't help grinning at seeing grown men rushing outside to play in it.

The week that was, in pictures:

And then I came home to this:

I may put more detail about running and organising a bachelorette party later so watch this space.

That was the Week that Was...

How was yours?

- Amyshka

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