Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bridesmaid outfits

I know I am posting way too much about wedding IDEAS that are only IDEAS but I can't help it. Wedding planning is addictive. I wonder if I could do this professionally?

Yesterday I stumbled upon a clothes shop in the mall called Forever New that basically sells everything in one theme: neutrals. But beautiful, textured neutrals.

And since I had neutrals playing on my mind for bridesmaid dresses, I couldn't help spending this morning (while sick in bed) mocking up a little look-book for one clothing idea.

I guess I am just messing with the idea of having bridesmaid non-matching, with neutral tones but little splashes of coral and yellow, with a few teeny tiny aqua-blue highlights for the complimentary colour.

In real life each of the dresses don't look quite so similar.

Also the actual bridesmaids are naturally quite olive-skinned, so it wouldn't look as washed-out as it appears on the mood board.

I'm loving the idea of having a flower girl and ring-boy too!

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