Saturday, September 24, 2011

Weekend Lovin'

This weekend has probably been my favourite EVER. Or at least, EVER... since we got engaged. (was it really only 4 weeks ago?).

"So you've got engaged and have been walking on air ever since". I read this recently and snorted out loud. Which was very insensitive of me. It's not that I have a problem with walking on air, (it sounds quite lovely) but just that I haven't seemed to have had any time to do anything so frivolous. It's been hammer-and-tongs around here, folks. Venue: check! Photographers: check! Invitiations: almost finished... and the rush is still on to finish the rest in 4 months.

Amongst all the insanity there hasn't been a moment to breathe or just ENJOY being engaged.

So this weekend, Big C graciously cancelled his skiing trip so that we could spend Saturday out of town, doing something (anything!) other than wedding planning.
We are always around other people so just being together without having to socialise with everyone was a nice change.

We headed up to Greytown, one of the cutest New Zealand towns ever, an hour or so North of Wellington.

Cuckoo Cafe. Possibly my favourite in the country.

After a large and incredible pizza at Cuckoo Cafe (everything is pink and shabby-chic, including the fridge) we wandered around the quaint antique shops, salivated all over the floor in some awesome interior design stores, and enjoyed a beer in the sun outside the colonial-style White Swan Hotel.

A visit to the little 'Schoc' factory shop , where they make all the Schoc chocolates, was not complete without a few samples...
Tequila, Lime and Salt heart on the left, and the Smokey Tea chocolate on the right are my favourites!

Other than that we did a whole lot of beautiful nothing. Caught some rays on a rug on the grass, nibbled chocolates, and talked about everything except the wedding.

I can't believe how much better I feel after having just that 1 day of sweet, relaxing, quality time.
There is still a tonne of wedding stuff to do but I feel less like I am drowning, and more like I am walking on air!

It helps having a fiance who began the trip with a gift of my favourite perfume and a cute hand-made card. I feel so blessed.

What was your favourite part of the weekend?

  - Amyshka

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  1. Hi Amy! Glad you found my blog and then I found yours too. I grew up in Wellington and my great aunt lived in Greytown so we used to drive up there to see her pretty often.
    Next time I am back in NZ hopefully I can do some sight seeing in the North Island too (my family lives in Nelson now).
    Following your blog now too!


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