Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I keep wanting to write a blog post and then decide not to

... I think because it seems like everyone else is DOING stuff

(i.e they have actual real-life renovation pictures to show, because they don't live with their parents, or sleep in a horribly lilac-coloured bedroom that they are not allowed to repaint, and they actually get to buy furniture and bust down walls. And they are not a poor student so they actually have a budget to work with! omg - dreams come true. OH and they probably also have an actual proper camera! Or at least an iPhone to make there low-res pictures look purty)

Whereas it took me like 45 minutes to edit these photos to make them look likeI was cool enough to take them on a polaroid. Which clearly, doesn't make sense, because then it's like "Hey I took a polaroid photo, printed it and then scanned it back into my computer" which is just silly. (That is what a polaroid is, right? I think that's what Andre3000 said...).
Which all makes me feel like my posts are b-o-r-i-n-g.
And yet at the same time there has been so much going on around here that I totally SHOULD have something to say. Which might make this my first words-post ever.

In summary:

- I babysat last weekend for the first time in a few years. 2 toddlers. It was terrifying. I called Big C up and told him we are not having kids, ever. I just can't live with poop on my hands and anything less than a 3-to-1 ratio of parents to kids.

- (to which he said: "No, actually tell me, how many kids are we actually having? Because I need to budget for this.")

- (I'm not telling what my answer was).

- Since I'm getting married in barely 4.5 months it's been all go... we have booked a venue that I LOVE and also some amazing photographers who I will no doubt share more about at some point. To be honest it feels like I haven't had time to catch my breath since we got engaged nearly 3 weeks ago. But at least the main things are booked... the hardest part is finalising the guest list. It's just impossible to have everyone you want to have.

- I was a bridesmaid in my cousin's wedding, and a friend took the "getting ready" photos here. Purty! The other official photos are still to come, but here is one we snapped quickly on the drive out to the venue. 
What you can't tell in this photo is that it was an absolutely freezy-middle-of-winter day. But STUNNING.

- I seem to swing between being very excited and very stressed. I've become a hyper-organised super-planner. I'm already wondering which rooms in the house will be for wedding guests to stay in, and what we need to do to make them suitable... as if designing and making a wedding dress and all the invitations and the cake etc wasn't enough work!
We're going to practice icing this one.

- On Sunday the venue-people showed us their old piano that we can use for our candy buffet! It will be so much cooler than a straight table because we can use both levels. Woop.

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Congratulations if you have actually read this far. I'm flattered and will probably ask where I can buy you a medal. (Except it would be an imaginary one. Or at least 2-D..)

     - Amyshka


  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog and for following. I joined the Pinning and Singing link and I love hearing what is happening in you corner of the world. My niece is getting married next week in Australia so I do know that it is Spring there! Your wedding posts are quite interesting, it has been several years since I walked down that isle, so it is nice to see the new trends. :)

  2. Thanks for your comment a while back on my living room color scheme post (the one with the shirts on pillows?). I tried to email you about that mood board, but I think you might have emails turned off and my messages floated off to nowhere.

    When you get a chance, I'd love to take you up on that mood board offer! You have me totally thinking browns, oranges, and warms since I saw your pin and comment. amheasley (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks! :)


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