Friday, September 9, 2011

Spring! Are you a colour lover?

It's finally spring on this side of the world. I get endlessly excited year after year when winter fashions finally start filtering out and fresh spring colours arrive (I was pretty stoked this year to see less disgusting drab CHARCOAL and more warm browns and navys during winter tho!)

Most shops have barely just released their first installment of new-season clothes, but already I've noticed a tonne of colour-blocking, continuing on in the same colour themes we had through winter.

So far I've set my little heart on this super-simple Glassons skirt in yellow and neutral.

I haven't seen many florals out yet, but no doubt some will come... they always do, right??  Isn't this bedspread springly?

All pics via Amy @ Kiwi Chic on Pinterest

I'm discovering that I'm a yellow person. The best thing about spring, for me, is saying hello to brights.

BLACK is the staple safe-colour in New Zealand (which is appropriate actually since the Rugby World Cup is on. Go All Blacks!) but I would LOVE to see that change.

I really noticed in Europe people just seemed so much more fresh, light, clean and colourful, and it basically just came down to the fact that they didn't base their outfits around black. They had to think creatively with colours and patterns.

I do believe NZ fashion is getting more and more amazing every year, but there is still a certain amount of closed-mindedness when it comes to colour. Maybe this next season will see that change. How do you feel about colour? Love or hate?

         - Amyshka

P.S if anyone has some ideas and advice for my bridesmaids outfits I would love to hear it. Not really happy with the board of ideas I made yesterday - a little dull and maybe too "bisque"?
My original plan is to stick with something simple and sweet like this Wedding Colours board I made earlier. :)

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  1. Spring is coming to our part of the world too! How exciting to be planning your wedding - I look forward to reading all about it on your beautiful blog. Have a wonderful week ♥

  2. I can't wear yellow and I so wish I could as it is such a happy colour!

    I'm going to have to catch up on your wedding posts. I worked yesterday and am a bit behind on bloggy visits!

    Thanks so much for linking up to my Pinning & Singing Party. I just love reading your NZ posts!

    Best wishes,


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