Monday, September 26, 2011

A girl's room design

I have never really been a girly girl. I was always petrified of barbies (I think it's the synthetic hair. gag) and as a kid I would throw a wobbly every time someone tried to get me into a frilly dress (which was reasonably often). My favourite things were jeans and designing homes for my Sylvanian Families... Come to think of it, pretty much nothing has changed. (Except the Sylvanians. I swear I don't play with them anymore. Although they ARE the most awesome toys ever made).

There is something about designing kid's rooms, tho, that really brings out my fun side and in this project I found I was getting a real kick out of all that pink! However, trust me, I can't tolerate the typical pink+white girl's rooms - I have to have other colours thrown in to keep my interest. Which is where this virtual girl's room begins:

2. Lamp
6. Matroyshka doll bank

 That hot pink wallpaper would be used very sparingly to liven up a space... the best thing about it is it REMOVABLE which means you can stick it on and peel it off! I envision it used to decorate the back of some simple cubby shelves.

I don't have a kid (give me a couple years, people!) but if I did, I imagine cubby shelves would be my new best friend. I'd fill them with baskets so that no-one would know what kinds of crap my kid was stuffing away in there... (I babysat for 2 toddlers recently. My eyes are so very, very opened.)

Here's a virtual room shot, with the inclusion of a wall decal.

I included the yellow rug to warm the room up, plus it won't need to be ditched when she gets her 'big girl room'.

The bedspread is from Urban Outfitters and I nearly salivated all over myself when I saw it. I actually want it for myself, but since we don't have such things as Urban Outfitters, IKEA or Anthropologie in New Zealand, I'm living vicariously through this blog. ;)

No kids room is complete without toys. How cute are the Finnish ceramic bunnies? And there will always be a space in a barbie-hater's heart for Matroyshka dolls. (No hair! woop)

That's all folks!
Now if I could just magically acquire an actual real life house to play with...


    - Amyshka

P.S If it's not too late to get in, then I'm sharing this over at the Bright and Beautiful link party, and at Home Stories A to Z


  1. I love the wall decal and colors in this room. Great design! :)

  2. Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I'm following you back! :) You have such a cute site!! These design colors are beautiful! I have had my eye on that yellow Anthropologie rug too!! It;s so pretty! Thanks for sharing these ideas! :) xo, Reannah

  3. This board is pretty rad, I think I would actually like to live in this room! That bedding is so fun, I don't think Urban Outfitters usually comes to mind for me for bedding...I guess I need to change that! Thanks for linking up to Roomspiration!


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