Thursday, June 30, 2011

Brave and bright - wall decor

When I first saw this fizzingly bright and bold entrance, it was a welcome cocktail to my eyes.

Diamond and Baratta design eclectic entry

You can't say it's not refreshing!
Living in New Zealand I love to be inspired by people around the world breaking rules [read: no plain beige walls] and doing it in ways that turn out a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

It reminds me of another of my brave-wall loves:
via via
Rainforest-green with lush purple and yellow highlights, yum! Bonus points for the wild zebra rug. Having a mural across your dining room wall is not a look that many people would dare (or even think up), but it works, and you find yourself thinking "Whoever lives here must be so confident with their amazing sense of style", rather than thinking it is tacky.

Another example of slightly-more-toned-down (but still bold) wall art - this time in a kid's room, which seems somehow less risky as you can experiment and just have fun.

 The New Zealand family who owned the house above were very daring and artistic with their "alternative" style, also described as "twisted". Using a scene from "Where the Wild Things Are" fits perfectly with the rest of their quirky home. I like it!

If you like the idea of something bold and unconventional on your wall, but aren't ready for the commitment of full-scale mural work, how about a smaller section like the lion below made of vintage wallpaper.


This paper used by Lauren Liess on the lion above is fun without being too 'play-school'. Nice.

Anyone can change their walls up, with just a little creativity and some old wallpaper.

So there you have it... a little eye candy to brighten up your (potentially beige?) day.
Be brave!


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