Thursday, June 16, 2011

Quick DIY Art

Here's a little art project I did today - it's so easy that anyone can do it, and it really brightens up the wall.

It all began because I wanted a collection of light and bright pieces to hang together, and the picture on the front of this birthday card was way too funky to throw out.

Oh and because I was procrastinating. Just a little.

These are the bits I had lying around, including the 2 bold craft fabrics from Spotlight and card photo (called "Party Girl" by Urban Graphic).

I did some experimenting with different backings:

I liked the punch from the colours, but the frames weren't quite right, especially against the wall I was hoping to hang it on (probably a dark navy one). Plus I wanted a clean, fresh look. So the black one got painted white.

Be aware that plain white paint can look almost grey sometimes - I warmed this up a tiny bit with some "grey yellow acrylic toner"

Then, played around with the newly painted frame and some different backings. The 2 on the right are craft papers from Spotlight:

I liked them, but not enough. The photo called for something a little more artsy.

I just laid all my bits and pieces out on the table and experimented, till I came up with something that held my attention. A little bit quirky and unusual. Who says you can't mix colours and patterns?

Then got to work:

It was all too easy. You can do this with any picture or photo you have lying around, or rip a page from a book with a cool print. Or do your own little doodle with paint, ink, or sketch something with pencil.

My collection has begun and it's very me - in fact I might use this in my new banner.

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