Thursday, June 9, 2011

Green for Haters! (a green inspiration post)

If, like me, you like the colour green but don't love using it in your decor, this post may inspire you to change your mind.
I used to get a little bored with green - sweet green... soft green... calm and serene and oh so...70s green?

Until I found the following inspiration that I'm about to share - a series of images showing the use of green in a way that doesn't overwhelm. And keeps colour-junkies like me happy.

See my green tutorial here for a how-to with using green.

 Yes, it's definitely green, but the texture and strong black pattern in the tapestry make it a soft backdrop rather than an overkill of Kermity-ness.

The sparkin new home eclectic living room
POP. I am double down with this. One little injection of bright finger-paint-green into an artsy setting makes all the difference. The paper cranes in the tree get me every time.

Just for fun - a quick cakey interruption - because I am stunned, s-t-u-n-n-e-d I tell you, that the "asparagus" are not real asparagus, but actually rolls of fondant. Um, amazing! And isn't that a lovely green? Sweetapolita is my idol.

Living Room modern living room
All it took was a green lamp-stand, cushion, and a leafy plant to brighten this room up.

I just love this painting of birds - it may be mass produced in China but it's oh-so-bright and fills me with memories of being in Brazil, with all the colourful hammocks, rainforest, and Brazilian gemstones! I would love to have it framed over a sofa with a green cushion.

 Speaking of which, this cushion from Etsy is perfectly green, but with the added interest of reds and yellows and fun pictures - cute.

And while we're on accesories... is that ring lovely or what?

 Another way to mix green into your scheme - a wall decal is removeable and makes a boring space interesting, pronto.

I hope you are feeling a little inspired - for the how-to see this post: A Green Tutorial.


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