Sunday, June 12, 2011

Master Bedroom mood board

I've spent the last few hours mocking up a concept for my parent's bedroom.

The situation:
The bedroom has dark navy walls all over, and my parent's don't have either time or energy to repaint. (Plus, it was painted by the...[taste-questionable] previous house owners and trust me, the colour of this bedroom is the least of their worries!). So I needed a quick fix that works with the navy.

The room now:
Here's a little picture of the room (in a messy state sorry) to give you an idea of the kind of navy we are talking about:

The back wall

The opposite wall, with doors to ensuite and landing

My "client's" aesthetic:
I know my mum appreciates bright colours and patterns. I believe she was told, many many many years ago, that her colour choices were "like a native" whatever that means! I think both her and I take that as a compliment - and I would call her aesthetic "bohemian" and "eclectic", with a touch of "traditional".

(Which, obviously, is not portrayed in the existing bland bedroom, but like I said, no time, and other bigger priorities. Seriously, when does my mother ever get time to hang out in the bedroom? I'm pretty sure she only stumbles into bed in the dark each night, and is up before the sun in the morning!).

My Dad was raised in South America for a time, and he appreciates the Bright & Vivid's too.

I began with a quick mood board. The fabrics basically inspired the entire look. The navy is actually a "Warm" navy, surprisingly, so I wanted warm colours that were still bright.

1. All these fabrics were found on
2. The turquoise of this vase ($5.67 from The Warehouse) is a definite "mum" colour and gives a modern touch and some soft shaping.
3. Bedside tables from Early Settler. They have been talking about getting new ones for eons and this pair is just their style.
4. An Orange Velvet Pouf from Urban Outfitters compliments the blue and the fabrics. Now if I could just find something similar in NZ!

Just for fun, I mocked up some "wall views" that are laughably amateur, but great for getting an idea of the outcome!
Bedspread and pillows inspired by fabric, existing lamps and new bedside tables

The other wall with some colourful pictures and the bubble vase with flowers

Now I just need to find out what she thinks of all this! I know it's very bold, but hey, this is my family we're talking about.

Any feedback is more than welcome!
Thanks for stopping by.

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