Sunday, June 5, 2011

Pom Poms

I'm almost a little embarrased to admit this, but until a few months ago I had NEVER seen a paper pom pom, in my entire life.
The more I read design blogs from other countries, the more I realise there are an awful lot of things I have never seen. Sites like Amazon and Martha Stewart are absolutely littered with paper pompoms (but myself and most other kiwis would probably never really have a reason to visit those sites - shipping costs to the other side of the world? hmm).

My idea of 'pompom' has always been the woolly ball that went on the top of the hat your Nana made you when you were a kid!

Needless to say, I was kinda euphoric when I first saw this image online:

(I'm going to use the fact that my cousin is getting married in 3 months as an excuse for why I was browsing wedding colour palletes...... by the way, I think the pallete above is insanely lovely!)

I had no idea what I was looking at - I only knew these airy spheres looked large and fluffy and soft and made me feel like I was floating on a cloud of gelato.

After that first encounter with paper pompoms, I started stumbling across them everywhere, and eventually discovered what they were. 

  The simple colour pallete in the bedroom pictured above just stunned me - so simple but so perfect. I love the tones that are not quite matchy-matchy but still in the same family. It's also the textures that make it - without texture the tones could be too washed out and lack interst.

 Or you could take it to the next level:
via via
(Forgive me if I seem to be having over-the-top reactions to pompoms - like I said, I had never ever seen a fluffy paper pom pom until the last month or two. Maybe they are way out-of-date in the rest of the world now? I don't know, but they are brand new to me... )

Next time I have to throw a beautiful party and actually have a budget (as opposed to, say, a zero-budget), I am definitely planning to see how I can order me some of these to NZ, or at least learn to make them myself... :)

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