Wednesday, June 8, 2011

From Sweden with Love

I've always had a thing for bright, clean colours on a white background. So it was no wonder that when I went to study in Sweden back in 2007, I was in awe of pretty much everything I saw.

The houses appeared old to me (compared to New Zealand houses) and bland on the outside - but colourful havens of cosiness on the inside.

I personally love the idea of using Scandinavian colour schemes and fusing them with some warm tones and classic forms - like thick carpet rugs and beautiful New Zealand native wood. The whole concept of "Eclectic" sits perfectly with me. It embraces fusion and experimentation. Who says you have to stick to one boring style?

Here are a few inspiration shots.

This kids room packs a punch - the bright white walls are warmed up by the wood floor and wild colours.

 I couldn't resist - the yellow Elk sticker on the wall above those shelves bring back some memories. I remember being scared when driving along the motorway in Sweden, that an Elk would run onto the road. A Swede once told us "Between the Elk and the car, the Elk always wins".
I don't know how true that was but I had heard they could be 6 feet tall, and in my mind Elks were a sort of modern day dinosaur. Especially coming from NZ where the most wild animal we have is a Possum, a lizard, a bird, or maybe a wild pig.
Both the images above are from an IKEA site - IKEA being another heart-throbbing love of my life that we don't have in New Zealand. (I did manage to snaffle a few purchases back home with me in my suitcase tho! In fact, I kind of had to post 4 extra boxes of stuff that wouldn't fit in the suitcase.)

 The red chair with cute cushion brings in some personality.

Living room eclectic living room
I kind of love this colourscheme - it's so simple but still interesting. There are no heavy colours in the room - only light, bright ones, and the different level lampshades keep it casual and artistic.

sfgirlbybay eclectic home office
Classic Scandinavian colours and patterns with a whole heap of art brightening the wall. Imagine how inspired and creative you would feel to work at that desk.

bedroom eclectic kids
Ok, ok, I know this is supposed to be a kid's bedroom, but if it weren't for the alphabet, I would definitely consider making it MY bedroom. Maybe I could use the letters to spell something else, because the colours in them are so awesome!

(Almost) last but not least... a Dala horse! The traditional Swedish horse from Dalarna. One day, a red Dala horse will be a common fixture around my house. I haven't figured out where I would put it yet - maybe use one as a door-stop?

Speaking of horses.... here is something to ponder:

A horse lamp!
Yep, a full size black horse with a lamp sprouting from its head.
I personally find it a teeny tiny little bit TERRIFYING. Just saying. But whatever rocks your boat, and it's got to start some good conversations...

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  1. I personally love the horse. AND it's practical?! What's not to like. I just read all your posts and didn't lose interest once, which is amazing considering that it's 28C here in Japan and I am struggling to stay conscious.

    Love the new style. Go hard on this one


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