Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ye Olde Vintage Chic

Vintage is all go these days, from handbags to sofas it seems we just can't get enough of those classic old designs.

These teacups make me want to have a tea party - and the rose would be edible, of course!

What about this vintage bird wallet from New Zealand shop IkoIko:

And I love this vintage card by New Zealand artist Rochelle Andrews:
Check out some of her beaut paintings here.

This sewing workshop is uber cute.
Saídos da Concha: Ontem :: Yesterday

The pink wallpaper below is just so... pretty. Like icing on a cake. mmm

Glamours and Sophisticated traditional
via Houzz
  And I'm loving the mix of old and new in the following picture - the chair is a modern design but uses a traditional-yet-funky pattern.

The books, floral arrangement and distressed-look cabinet compliment the bright-but-mellow paintings here:

Floral Canvas Wall Decor eclectic living room

Hall way eclectic hall
Big rustic-looking leather armchairs like the one below can cost a bomb, but I saw 2 matching chairs almost identical on the weekend when I was browsing second-hand shops with my boyfriend. They were about NZ$300 each and because they were old they had that lived-in look naturally.
I could have tied myself to the chairs and refused to leave until they were mine but aside from being a poor student, I also have nowhere to keep such beautiful friendly-looking specimens...

 I can just imagine them paired up with some funky colourful mismatched cushions, hardwood floors and a beautiful rug.... *big sigh*

One day, maybe! :)

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