Sunday, July 17, 2011

Beach House Mood Board

I spent last weekend at a friend's bach (traditional small Kiwi beach house) at Ngawi - a tiny fishing town - which is my excuse for creating this moodboard even tho it's clearly not summer here!
The walls are a neutral chalk colour that doesn't show stains as much as white, and the carpet is Sisal as it is so tough.

I've tried to keep this look achievable and relaxing - and something that can withstand hoards of reletives and guests! The aesthetic is kept simple and neutral, with accents coming from paintings and cushions so it can be easily changed.

I love the New Zealand paintings and the uneveness of the recycled glass vase. Sources below;

   - Amyshka


1. "Fantail on Pohutukawa" painting
2. "Pohutukawa Coast" painting
3. Rattan pendant lamp
4. IKEA Poang chair
5. Recycled Spanish Glass vase
6. Basket cabinet
7. Turquoise cushion
8. White and beige cushion
9. Missoni Kew Cushion
10. Moroccan Pouff

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