Friday, July 8, 2011

Kootut Murut - DIY painted jars

I have recently found a new blog that is super cute and smart.

Kootut Murut is a blog by Finnish Illustrator Jutta. You may have heard of it. As well as being a talented artist and having an uber-funky artistic home (I bet I'll be talking more about that later) one of her ideas particularly stuck out to me.

Cute jars, right?
They are totally easy DIY and possibly even free to make, assuming you have a jar and some poster paint in your house.

She pours the wet paint in and tips it around to coat the inside:

Then lets it dry:

And fill with the objects of your choice.

I love how good it looks while being something that literally anyone can do.
Big ups to Finns!

Check out the full tutorial on her own blog here.

                    - Amyshka

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