Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Illustration Station

I've had illustration on my mind for a while.
It's one of those things I used to love doing back when I had time and studying architecture wasn't taking over my life... now I get to "illustrate" concrete foundation slabs and timber joists. Woot go me!

                                                              Source: via Amy on Pinterest

Sandra Suy was the first artist who I really ever noticed internationally. You can see why in her picture's above and below - these are 2 of my favourites.

                                                                         Source: via Amy on Pinterest

I love how only part of it is coloured. I often think some paintings look best half-finished!

And of course the Finnish artist Jutta Rikola, check out this quirky illustration below. I love the serious facial expression, juxtaposed by the not-so-serious headgear.

                                                             Source: via Amy on Pinterest

Now if I could just find time to do some doodles of my own. Here's an old sketch I did a year or two ago (below). It's one of those things you need to keep practising or else you get rusty. I did love drawing/inventing her scarf and funny head-beads, not quite sure how they would function in day-to-day use tho.... ;)

 Do you have a favourite illustrator? 
I'd love to hear about some others.

                 - Amyshka

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