Friday, July 8, 2011

Pinboard project

It happened in a matter of minutes - I got annoyed with some little notes I had on my desk, and decided I needed to pin them somewhere, immediately.

And so a pinboard was born...


 Here's a run-down on my process:


I began with this un-opened frame from a second-hand shop for about $4. I bought it a while ago then ran out of inspiration for what to do with it.


I removed the border and painted it white. I decided to leave the frame wooden, for now.



Then to select a fabric - I could have gone for something very plain but I wanted something that could bring life to a wall.

I landed on this favourite recent fabric from Spotlight, then laid a piece of foamboard under the fabric.

I glued the fabric over the foam-board and down onto the edges of the wooden backing board. 

...then assembled it all back together.

which left me with a pin-board to pin my notes on.

I'm not sure where to hang it yet - this room needs some serious work - but you get the idea.

It was definitely a very simple and quite rushed job, but I'm glad I can use it!

- Amyshka

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