Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Traditional Scandi

I recently fell in love with Scandinavian style all over again. This time, rather than looking at Swedish style from a perky, colourful point of view, I wanted to think more about the crafty, traditional side of it. Did you know Scandinavian style actually has an emphasis on this, rather than just the 'minimalist white' look that is often perceived?

via Amy on Pinterest

I love the quaintness of the arrangement above. You get the sense that the Indian wall-hanging is a meaningful peice or heirloom, and the texture from its perfectly-imperfect wrinkled effect has a cosy feel that goes well with the cushions and simple bench.

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

This room caught my eye - love the sense of depth and warmth from wood and books. Not to mention the sheep-skin on the seat, and cute cushions.
Did you notice the 6 hanging globes?

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

Snuggly quilt with an inviting organic feel.

I can think of a certain man who would probably love a room like the one above - complete with hunting trophy of course. It is cosy, but also a little rugged. It makes me really want a little cabin to stay in during outdoorsy adventures.

I couldn't leave this Dala horse out. I'm not the horsey type, but I love these Dala horses. Partly for sentimental reasons as they remind me of my time in Sweden, and partly because they are painted in pretty Swedish patterns - my favourite kind!

Last but not least, this may be my favourite:


I had just been thinking earlier today about what a lot of space is wasted in our rooves. Imagine laying flooring, painting the roof and floor white and creating a usable room.

Sounds great!

 - Amyshka

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