Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hen's Night part 1: Tea Party - mood board

My cousin asked myself and a friend to be bridesmaids at her upcoming wedding. None of us (including the bride) were particularly certain of what our exact roles entailed, but one thing we knew for sure: the Hen's Party was ours!

We began scheming about all sorts of naughty and nice surprises to fill a day, or whole weekend, for the party.

We came up with a day and night broken into 4 parts - mini-events if you will.
Part 1 will be... A tea-party, with cupcakes.

 I made this mood board for it today:

The task of making all the cupcakes has been delegated to me - I've spotted those cupcake wrappers at Stevens and hope to grab some on sale.

The chocolate chiffon cake with rosewater frosting is by Sweetapolita and I found the contrast of dark cake and fluffy icing so inspiring!

We're sticking to a basic colourscheme of pale pink, black and white as that matches the invites and is a little sophisticated and feminine. (Trust me - the rest of the afternoon and activites we have planned, will be far from sophisticated!)

I also made some cupcakes today as practice, which are in this post.

    - Amyshka

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