Monday, July 11, 2011

Big Ups to Free stuff!

Months ago when I just discovering the world of blogging and realising how much cool online stuff existed outside of my little sphere (also known as New Zealand), I came across this picture:

I really, really liked those floral tags. Yes they are simple, but I just had never seen something like that being used. They were pretty and old-fashioned and I just liked them.

I wondered how much they would cost.
I mourned the fact that New Zealand is too far away from... anywhere, meaning that most companies were not prepared to mails purchases here.

And then, by some fluke several weeks later, I saw the picture in context. And I realised, wide-eyed, that they were called "Printables" and that they could be downloaded and were officially, legally FREE.

via Eat Drink Chic

I also love that fact that the Australian designer, Amy Moss, is just across the ditch.

If you happen to know of any similar ventures by New Zealanders, I would be really keen to hear about it. Drop a comment!

Cheers - to free stuff. :)

   - Amyshka

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